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Welcome to my website. If you’re in need of a residential appraiser in Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, Douglas, Jefferson, Broomfield, or Weld counties, and the surrounding areas, your search should start and end here. My appraisal work is defensible in court.

I am your local appraisal expert for residential real estate appraisals, having done thousands of high precision bulletproof appraisals since 2001.
Home of the High Precision Appraisals and BPOs - Since 2001
Not all appraisals are the same. I perform "high precision" appraisals, which have much more information and detail than most typical appraisals. Yet, the fee for a high precision appraisal is the same as what most typical appraisals are. Compare the differences between good and excellent and judge for yourself. See what a bulletproof appraisal is all about.
More Detail + More Content + More Accuracy = A Bulletproof Appraisal. Is this important?
Absolutely, and this is why. Since we are typically dealing with an asset costing hundreds of thousand of dollars, quality is extremely important. Very few appraisals can be fully supported a year after they are completed, simply because there is not enough content and detail to be 100% sure that what was stated is complete and true. Lenders write checks for very large amounts of money, relying on an appraisal to be accurate. Unfortunately, some are not. Some appraisals, if questioned about a basic item like proving there were five bedrooms, could not prove even that. See an illustration here which clarifies the lack of detail an appraisal can have. You have a high level of risk, and possibly a huge difference in value in anything less than a high precision appraisal. Eliminate high risk, worry and problems, from the start. Read about a horror story in my testimonials here, about a single woman being held hostage by a bad appraisal. This could happen to anyone.
General Value Appraisal
If you are just curious what a property is worth then this is the real estate appraisal for you. These "user-friendly", easy to understand reports are great for various uses. These are also commonly used as a pre-sale tool to set a listing value and help sell a home at the best price. Read More
PMI Removal Appraisal
Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is a premium paid by most borrowers who have less than 20%-25% equity in their homes. However, once you reach the required amount of equity you can have your PMI removed from your mortgage payment and save a lot of money every month. Read More
Tax Protests / Disputes Appraisal
Protesting your property taxes can be a tough battle, but it is even harder to win if you do not go prepared. A current appraisal of your property is the most effective tool you can take with you to your hearing. In most cases you can avoid a hearing altogether with a well written appraisal. Read More
Mortgages & Lending Appraisal
I work directly with lenders and AMCs for purchases, refinancing, and reverse mortgages for homes. If you are a lender and do not know me, let me know and we can fix that. There are several options available. If you are a consumer looking to buy, refinance, or explore a reverse mortgage, I have lenders that can help you. Read More
Divorce - Estate - Probate Appraisal
Legal matters can bring about questions of a properties value both current and retrospective. I have years of experience performing appraisals for attorneys and estate planners. Read More
Investment and Rental Analysis Appraisal
Whether you are looking to purchase or currently own investment property, there are many situations in which you may need an accurate appraisal to help with your financial planning. Read More
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
      Albert Einstein

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